Arch 201 Detail Model

We made detail models in Arch 241 (structure ) course for showing our special part in our design ,so here is my part of path and pier . These model are the combination of steel, concrete and wood.


ARCH 241 Final Assignment

For the final assignment of ARCH 241 we make detail model of our project in our major course- Arch 201-. We choose a part in our design that shows how different elements compose. So here is my  detail model that showesconcrete and wood structure composition.

Arch 241 Surface Study

This week we examine the surface qualities of a various structures which made of different materials with a different ways. So  this week’s assignement also related with that. For this week we were expected to design a surface from the material we decided, this surface has to combination  of rytm and repetitation or etc.. This combination of different formed materials has to create one single surfaceat the end which has the scale of 1/5 or 2/5. So ı made this model from plain paper 🙂

ARCH 241 Dome Structure

Related with the this week lecture, whic was explaining dome, arch, shell strucure and its system, we assigned to discover to dome structure. In this assignment we are expected to understand how dome structure can be formed with the combination of arch under the some forces. Also we have to achive the diffuculities to create pure geometrical  circular form that turn into dome structure. ı made a two different dome structure to understand how dome structure built with the different shapes of and forms.

ARCH 241: Study Of Discovering Architectural Forms

In this assignment we are trying to understand architectural forms  and how the forces acting on these forms and the way of acting forms against to forces. We try to make model by paper clips. This assignment occurs by two steps. In the first step; tension force is observed and the second part compression force is applied in the first step we just link them to each other but in the second part we use the glue for make a resistance to saving the shape . It was just trying and observing but we already discovering how hard to built a structural form against to forces applies on it . So here our studies and the my friend’s studies. It is exhibiting on 4th floor of our building for fwe days 🙂

We examine Frei Otto’s work for understanding form and structure our insprations were;

ARCH 241 Assignment 01

In this week we learn some forces. how it is applies and what its effects. So for making sure that we understanding the forces that we learned we prepare a presentation which includes two examples for each forces. the forces we learned are; bending, buckling, compression, tension  and shear. While we prepare presentation we could use two example of option; taking photo or sketch it or both. I choose sketch 🙂 so here it is …