Time To pre jury

Today there was a prejury.I present my already shared model with you. In addition to model ı present my works on !/500 and 1/200 plans on the topography. Also ı shower my inspirations and my old photomontage and analysis about landscape ,so there is some photos of them …


Working Model of Eymir Peninsula

This week we work on topography of Eymir peninsula and we did the part we want to work on it as a model. We use the scale of 1/200. and this is my model and my interpretation  to landscape.

Eymir Lake Trip / Analysis

Last week we went to Eymir lake in Metu forest. We were expected to document all the physical qualities of the site include the built enviroment and the natural landscape. We are required to use our body as a geometer and perceiver in documenting dimensional, proportional and scalar information related to site. We also document our physical and personal spatial experiences and interactions as well.

In addition, we produce diagrams in the light of these analysis into our ADS(accordion drawing sketchbook).

What is The Human Scale ?

This semester we are introduced with the human scale and we are expected to remodeling our instance(that comes from previous semester /ARCH 102) according to human scale and human experiences to space. so before remodelling lets try to understanding what is human scale ? :S 🙂

There are lots of articles, books, researches about human scale in architecture. I have been looking the modular by Le corbusier about understanding to applying human scale into architecture. but ı have still some question so ı guess ı will overcome this problems by exercising this semester my first try to understanding with my mum. ı used her as a human model so ı measured her. her step her height her foot and etc. so that ı can use her scale to remodeling my instance according to human experiences respecting to human scale.

So these are my nonprofessional- trying-cute human model for understanding human scale in my old instance model 🙂

ARCH 201 Assignment 01: Missed Your Instance?

Actually we do not 🙂

The firs assignment of second year  main studio course is related with our last semester model – our instance model. So, in this assignment visiting our instance and we were expected to transform into a series of spaces accommodating human movement. For inspiration organizing human movement we are asked to introduce a musical piece, which will impose a rhythm for the movement, consisting of alternating routes & paces within the spaces of our instance. we are free to revise our old model related with new experiences  that creates new spaces into model according to human scape and proportions

I choose as an inspiration song : Survivor- Eye of The Tiger


We produced a series of diagram to understand  human movement and the song. These diagrams in  accordion drawing sketchbook and this is the second part of our first assignment; creating accordion drawing sketchbook  for easily following development of movement and model.

*my accordion drawing sketchbook and my diagrams are in another post please check my other post for these 🙂