ARCH 111 Assignment 11 (Final Exam) : Drawing İller Bankası Building

For finals of ARCH 111 and ARCH 121, we assigned to İller Bankası Building in Ulus by Seyfi Arkan in 1937. For ARCH 111, we produced an informative representation of İller Bankası building that includes two orthographic projection(front view and one side ), axonometric projection (of the back of the building) preferably isometric drawing (30 degree/30 degree) and a diagram in a single cartridge paper(70×100 cm) and also we were responsible from the overall organisation of the drawing sheet as a whole.



ARCH 111 Assignment 10 : Expressive Drawing

For this assignment we were expected to produce an expressive drawing. We have already studied our design idea and produced diagrams. This drawing should produce lighten of these studies. It is an architectural representation, which is not necessarily as abstract as diagrams or not as technical as orthographic oraxonometric projections. So that first we took our model (variation 2  model for ARCH 101). Then we applied free strategies and this is what I did. I hope you like it 🙂

ARCH 111 Assignment 08 : Villa Savoye( Midterm Exam)

In midterm i drew a ortogrophic set of  Villa Savoye. We drew tree sides of this building by guiding plan of building and axonometric projection of top flor. It was really challenging. We were drawing at about 4 hours and we tried to be fast but it was not easy for us as well.  I hope next time will be more easier 🙂

ARCH 111 Assignment 07: Axonometric projection

In this assignment we were expected to produce the axonometric projection of our proposal for ARCH 101 (ass.06-variation ıı). We were also expected to first drew our 3D grid as a reference. Our scale was 1/1 for this assignment also we could discard the thickness of the plane.

Line weight, line type and line quality were the things that our teacher were expected  us to be carefull about it.


ARCH 111 Assignment 06: Orthographic Pjection Of Tape Holder


For this assignment i drew a ortographic set which includes tree different views of tape holder. As you can see in my technical drawing i drew top ,front and one side of  this tape holder. While i was producing this tape i use 1/1 scale.

If you look at my drawing carefully you can see the feedbacks that my teacher gave to me. Next time, i should be more carefull about these things 🙂

ARCH 111 Assignment 05: COLLAGE I-II

For this assignment we visited the library to select two pages with different visual qualities( one with only image/s and the other with only text). In this assignment there are two stages.

At the first stage we were expected to decompose both pages by stripping them either vertically or horizontally, in order to recompose them in an ordering principle, which will govern our final model. The way of composition of these two pages should be in an order according to our design. This design should be delivered as a hardcopy.


For second stage we decomposed the page with only image/s by dividing it into planes of different sizes and with definite geometries in order to recompose them in an abstract manner and ordering principle, which will govern our final college. This part should be delivered as a digital copy.

ASS05_Ceren Özsu