AnAlice’s Adventure In Kayaköy+ Hinge

I applied my hinge to my threshold part. In this part my Field is not shaped around my instance or interact with my instance. In this part one of my instance part get extrude then their conection part got separate but the emptiness of the connection part works  design as a hinge in my model.



For this assignment we produce our fields which is occurred in two steps.For the initial step we produce 2D surface by using a series of strings stretched along a frame in size  of 49,53 x 99,06cm.The properties of the structure  are about to create the frequency, correlations our planar surfaces so t, interrelations, directions and angles of lines.

 In the next step we were expected to develop our planar surfaces so that it will non-planar surface with attribution of varying heights hence, it becomes our field.