This is final our first part of first year  basic design studio. We prepared our model one more time but this time it was last time 🙂 We use our new element balsa plaque.With this new element we produce a new model improved around our theme(thati mention in my previous post)with balsa plaque,balsa stick and our new transparent element acetate. After that we prepared the set of drawing that includes 3 orthographic projection and 2 axonemetric projection drawing. And  at the last we prepared a poster that showed our final project all process from our stick model to final model. And then the jury time came and went like a wind .And these are the thingi prepared for the jury and the photo of my jury time 🙂



It was really excited time for all of us. We did our preparations and told the jury our design while  were producing our model. We presented some of our works. And these are the photos of my first jury 🙂

ARCH 101 Assignment 08.1 : A Break With Theme

For this assignment we were asked to make a trough research on the theme that assigned to us which were ” enclosure, approximate “. We produced diagram for displaying our findings and further analysis we developed on the theme. We also expected to produce conceptual models that demonstrate our approach to the themes.

Enclosure: a small area that surround with wall or fence

Approximate: not completely accurate but close

ARCH 101 Assignment 07: Variation II

In this assignment we merged the our planar element and linear element model for creating new potential operations. And we also expected to produced the diagram of our model by guiding our the other diagrams and flow charts. Previous operations were still valid for this assignment as well and we were allowed to use stretching and eliminating for this time. Lastly, the other assigned thing was shifting the grids to become both of them could be legible.

ARCH 101 Assignment 06: Variation I

For this assignment we produced a variation of our structural frame model this time by only using planar elements.This means we applied same operation by guiding our flow chart and improved it and made new design by using planar elements. We applied our operations with the rules of 90 degrees rotation and 1-2 or 2-1 branch and with this way we created a structural grid as well. At the end we show our design decisions on the diagram .