This semester ı am studying at Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki, of my course, is related to urban design and landscape. In this post, ı will explain the course’s brief description and our first exercise for term project of this course.

The course requires the redesign of the overall space, aiming to the regeneration and improvement of the site as well as the broader urban landscape.

Briefly,the purpose of the project is to design a unity of outdoor spaces within the urban fabric of East Thessaloniki, and specifically the urban area that consists of:

  • the municipal plot of land of the (Depot), which is surrounded by Vasilissis Olgas Avenue and Dimitrakopoulou Street
  • the open part of the “Allatini” stream situated on the north side of the land plot
  • the complex of urban outdoor spaces around the stream, consisting of pedestrian walkways, parking lots, parks, streets, dead-ends, sidewalks, unoccupied spaces etc.

As a first exercise of the project, we visited the site and made some observations about the characteristic of site.It was really exiting to analysing the this historical site and it’s deep-scaled urban fabric.



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