Summer Practice In Poland

The reason of that ı might not interested with my blog, ı will make a summarize that time for you, so that we can catch up with!

This summer, after ı competed my construction internship in İstanbul/Nurol Park-Güneşli project, ı spent my time in Warsaw/Poland for making an office internship in Gülermak-AGP office.In this post ı will a little bit introduece the project that ı participate, becuse for this internship ı did not prepare a report so that ı will only explained the project and share some photos of it.

In the office, we worked on the acceleration of Warsaw Metro Line 2 (between Daszynskiego and Wilenski Station).In the project line will be 7 km long and will be completely underground. There will be seven stations on both sides of the Vistula River and large part of the route will run through Warsaw’s subsoil (4.5 kilometres of tunnels split into 6 separate sections) and will consist in a pair of parallel, single-track tunnels a design solution which will increase the new line’s safety, eliminating the risk of head-on collisions between trains. The tunnels will be dug using three 6.32-metre diameter TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machine) at the same time, while construction of an additional single-track tunnel is also planned to hook up with the existing line, as well as construction of three buildings for housing and maintenance of trains.

The design of th project made by Buro Happold.As they explained, while they design the project they also had to over come some diffuculties.In their site they explained these situation with these words;

“The site’s close proximity to historic buildings meant working within strict conservation guidelines and ensuring subterranean work did not cause any damage to these structures. To overcome this’ subsidence sensors were placed on the neighbouring buildings to monitor movement during construction, mitigating any potential risks.

“The whole team can feel truly satisfied with our great achievements on the Warsaw Metro Station project: a complex and in many ways challenging multidisciplinary job carried out under strict time constraints. I’m especially proud because Dworzec Wileński station was granted its occupation permit as the second station out of seven even though it was the last one to start on site,“ said Zbigniew Czajewski, BuroHappold project director.”

No matter is construction and certain details of construction have not complete yet, let me share some photo of already the designed places;

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Ps:This summer and all the internships that ı did gave me lots of knowledge and experience, ı am so glad to did it 🙂

And of course these can not consider as my internship summerize but the reason of project is still ongoing, these are the only information that ı can share.

Yet, i can say that i learned and practicde lot in a office enviroment and also hada chance to visit the site and observe construction process as well.