A Pattern Language/ Christopher Alexander


This book is a source which explain the language of building and planing. In the book there are patterns which detailed describe houses neighborhoods, gardens and rooms. This book has a two separate part the other part is ” The Timeless Way Of Building”. In the other part is explains the discipline of using patterns to create building or a town. Both of book have evolved in parallel and developed each other.

There are various patterns in this book. Each of them describes a problem which commonly occurs in our environment, and then describes the main idea of solution to that problem, these solution provides timeless way to use, without doing same thing twice.

I analysis some of the patterns under the building chapter.The first pattern is “112 – Entrance Transition”. In this part, transition of house is explained. Transition between indoor and street provides with entrance so that it should organize properly to give that sense. People should adopt themselves to house in this transition from street behaviour. Court yards, another door or opening or any path that leads you to house or gate can counted as a succesful way to apply this transition. Transition can also provides with change of light, texture, levels, maybe enclosure or view.

Second part that ı analysis according to need of my project is “113- Car Connection”. This pattern is about the process of arriving the house. The reason of car is very essential part of our daily life, we should consider the connection between cars and house. People are tended to use the door nearest to the car so that door become a “main” entrance even if it is not planes that way. Back and front door are can be considering divided as a privacy.  While front door is more formal, back door is more private (commonly for using the house members). Thus the location of parking space should be consider to privacy.There can be several entrance, even if there are several entrance circulation of house can be more proper but the essential thing is arranging one primer entrance to have formal meeting with guests. Both Kitchen and living room have direct connection with main entrance to have a propar connection  for having guest without interrupting private life of house. It should remember that the idea is; creating a graceful space where car stands not a creating a gap in the terrain.

Last part that ı analysed is , “115 – Courtyards Which live”. In the most of the modern building courtyards are dead.Courtyards are commonly built for creating a private open space for people to use-but they end up unused spaces.

 Courtyards should not consider as a part between walls. A proper courtyards has a function that connects indoor and outdoor space and also it has to have a more than open door to use so that it can serve for different activities and at the same time circulation of house. According to book, courtyards should have larger opening to connection with open space and it’s vies. To illustrate, door connection house and courtyard should arrange the way create a natural path and the one way of courtyard should continuous with porch or veranda to create a transition  for indoor spaces of house.


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