Proposal of Final Paper of ARCH 222

In this semester, we are studying on early modern architecture period . We are reading “A History Of Architecture In All Countries Volume II” . And we are expected to analysis chapters from book that we study on trough the lessons and choosing a topic from it  which become our proposal for our final term paper for Arch 222 course.Here is my proposal;

Proposal of Final Paper of ARCH 222

For the final paper of Arch 222 course, ı am going to examine development of modern urban planing starting with the industrial revolution period until the late of 19’s. By the time; human life style has effected from industrial, technological developments and the war. These changes of human life style creates a new demands for city planning. New requirements of organization of human life creates a various arrangements in cities proportion, spaces or inner organization. These arrangements also shape according to various inputs such as machines, green spaces, traffic, privacy, work, health and etc. For answering changing needs of city lots of modernist city movement occurred. Lots of architects and urban planers worked and created a theories in these issues. Some of them are not went far beyond being utopia but some of them became a pioneer of city planing. These ideas of city planing is also valid for today’s city because of that planners use these arrangements into destroyed city after World Wars. I will examine this large topic from different subject’s perceptive that express their works about cities at different intervals. By the their work chronological order, these subjects and their book are ;
-Camillo Sitte / “City Planning According to Its Artistic Principles” (1889)
– E. Howard / “Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform”, (1898)
-Tony Garnier from” An Industrial City” (1917)
-Le Corbusier / “The City of Tomorrow and its Planning” (1925)
-Aldo Rossi from “The Architecture of the City” (1966)

These subjects and their various solution to the city planing will show how urban planing developed and which ideas are efficient or which are utopian. In addition, comparison of different approach to city planning will also express what are the basic things that city demands and what kind requirements occurred by the time chancing and developments of technology. To illustrate, these analysis will show one of my main aim; the direct relationship between architecture and city planing, because urban planing and architecture shows lots of similar specialities and by the time both of them share similar developments and modernization process.


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