Ludwig Mies van der Rohe-Tugendhat House-Brno Chair

As you know in my previous post, ı made a presentation  about Mies’  “Skyscaper” article.

ARCH 222 Presentation Paper of Mies van der Rohe “Skyscapers”

ARCH 222- Van der Rohe “Skyscaper” presentation

I made lots of researches about Mies ‘s life and his architectural approach. I could not mention in my presentation about this information because ı suppose to present about “Skyscraper” so that ı would like to write another post which ı learned about Mies.

Mies started to his career in Berlin by working with Bruno Paul. Bruno Paul was an architect, illustrator and furniture designer. Mies made lots of inspiring and challenging new beginning in his career. In this post, ı would like to mention about Tugendhat House and Brno chair, the Tugendhat chair, and the X coffee table.


Mies designed Tugendhat house in 1930 in Brno. Considirng the time that it built, this house was counted as one of the succesful examples of begining of modern architecture.Mies designed that project with his new functionalist concept of an iron framework, doing away with load-bearing interior walls and allowing for more open and light spaces. The villamade of three levels (including the basement), with different floor plans and forms, each relating differently to the sloping site. Steel frame construction was unusual for homes at that time, but he already familiar with the steel frame and glass combination as he used in Barcelleno Pavillion. Mies utilize the extreme slope of the site  by dividing the front and back of the house into public and private facades. Also, another thing that makes this house speacial is, Mies’s very inteligent design of furtineres. His minamal design which let the spaces to be countunious and made the plan freer. His approach to pure architecture and pure space was critized lots of his architect at that time in Europe.  One of the reasons tahat made a critized was the cost  of house, it was too much for these days. In addition to that, however, he faced with lost of critic about the he was applying walls more  open for not dividing spaces, his design was annotivated. By cahhelencing himself with steel and glass he becama a priror of lots of developments in architecture. His outsatnding approach of architecture still appiliying in stuructures.

His design  made a connection of not only in exterior  but also in the interior.Interior of the house has lots of outstanding pieces of furniture like Brno Chair. This chair is a modernist cantilever chair which designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in collaboration with Lilly Reich.Mies had a round table designed for the circular dining room with one metal leg, in the exact form of the iron columns, which could also be retracted into the floor. The table top was from black pear tree wood. The reverse side had metal rails in order to enlarge the table to twice the size. Like the Barcelona chair, the Tugendhat chair has a large padded leather seat and back, supported by leather straps mounted on a steel frame and legs. Like the house itself interior also steel and  glass, then this became a character of the house. They all craftmanship, not a formal usual motif that put the house, the intended of that  expressing character of the owner. For making  this he applied pure  abstract forms and hierarchy of  sensuous materials.

Even today this house is in demand it is in Unesco heritage list from 2001. In 2012, it reconstructs and today it uses as a public museum  in Czech republic.



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