Living in Ankara at these times

The first bomb attacked happened on 10th October 2015, then living in Ankara started to get harder and harder for us. People who want to piece in their way was murdered. They were young, they had lots of time to live … but they could not. Bomb attack happened in front of railway station, their gathering place to have a peace public meeting.


The second attack happened on 17th January 2016. They attacked a place that soldiers accommodate they were targeting soldiers bus. There were lots of civil and soldiers murdered that day. People became more frightened. These bombing attacks became a major dangerous for everyone. These attacks start to repeat frequently. This time, it occurs a place that near to T.B.M.M and public place- a park- Güvenpark-.


The last attack, ı hope it will be last, happened 13 March, 2 days ago. In Güvenpark. Since 1960, people use that a part of the park as a transportation area. At about 7, it happened bombing attacked, ı do not know who did this but they target citizens. People who have no fault.7 o’clock was a crowded time for public transportation. They attacked a bus stop with the car. People could not run away, people who were waiting there had no idea what will happen there. They just want to reach to their family. In13th March, there was a university exam for young people, maybe some of them that murdered in here was entered that exam and after that hang out with their friends. There are lots of maybe that murdered people will do, but we could not ever know. It was Sunday, a young couple went a market area to buy something for their baby who never be born because s/he died that attacked. People died, murdered… They need to more time, they have to live. Who can decide to someone life length…

We as a citizen of Ankara were shocked.We are frightened, we are all in dangerous.Because we know, we can be next one who murder. We are scared because we get tired of saying “ı am okay” to our relatives or friends. We are not “OKAY”. There are lots of people out there that lost their son, friend, father, husband, mum … It has to stop.

Güvenpark should be remembered whit its beauty. It always be a place for meeting people, having a breath in the city center. A place that people can eat simit and feed birds. Güvenpark has to be starting point to local meetings. A meeting or hanging out the place to lovers, friends… It does not have to a place that people murdered. It does not have to a place that scares people to go.

Please make it stop. We just want to not only say ı am okay, we want to be okay.


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