Further Thingy Studies

This week we started to develop our thingy study the way thing gains contextual qualities. My thing designed for a painter who needs different surfaces for painting and also lightens spaces to work. My aim to create a house for a the painter in a  suburban context so that s/he can have both public and private space into the house. Public spaces work as a gallery , and private spaces work as living spaces, working spaces etc. My aim to choose suburban context is having a lightened transparent space without blocking by the built environment. Also, he can live and work in same time in suburban context freely without having traffic and park problem or any limitation of urban context have.

My thingy gives its user not only a lightened space to work and also divides to that lightened space to create a privacy  for the different functional spaces. The connection between the  work and private spaces that create by thingy is both of them requires light but different level. I designed that private space as a yoga and meditation space. This functional spaces requires a light but not directly so that my thingy works as a blocker of light and creates a sharp linear lightened area for its user. Another function of my thingy is creating a relation between fireplace that use trough the one season for creating a sitting unit and also this fireplace  has a powerful connection between yoga and meditation space for the way it is creating an alternative way to the usage of this space in specific periods.
I designed multiple platforms for yoga and meditation place by thinking trough the day may people can come by and sit or use that platforms for different purposes. So that ı arranged my platform in different height level to work as a stair  and functional  spaces.


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