The second year second semester has already started. For the first assignment of the year, we assigned to discover and analyse varieties of possible relationships of some objects in the house. For understanding the relations object-object or object-subject relationship, we expected to do some researches and analyzing the houses or examples with that approach.
For finding the what our thing will be in our (few week after will )design house, I  visited our library and ı analysis the book which is called” The New  Modern House- Redefining Functionalism” by Jonathan Bell and Ellie Stathaki. In this book, there are lots of example of housing, also, they mentioned about these houses both exterior and interior specialities. I mostly focused on the object which is defining room or house. Or it is particularly gain a meaning in that house according to its application. To sum up ı look for a basic thing that is designed for that house and get a new meaning or function with the house or its user. These are some examples ı run into;


When ı am researching the object and object relationship, ı also research the history of architecture. In Ancient Eygpt, people created knit surfaces for lying and sitting as we can see in their chair and bed. In addition, people designed their home the way that they can as much as get benefit from a fair place. So they make a fire in the middle of the room.
In Ancient Greek, they use carpets, the motif on the carpets were important so that, they even hang their carpet on the wall, and they also arranged their design of room according to the boundaries of carpet.
In the middle ages in Europe, People commonly use paravane, to have some privacy in the corner of the room for changing their clothes.
In Traditional Turkish house, people used to use “sedir” inside of the room the way that covers the front of tree walls of the room. By this way, people have the defined refctengular space. People used to use that space for different activities. Such as they put a circular table on it and eat a meal in tahat space or put a blancket a pillow and sleep in there. Furthermore, they also use under of sedir for putting their things.


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