ARCH 221 First Draft Of Final Assignment

In my Eymir peninsula design, ı want to design a path which leads people experiences all peninsula with different ways, so I designed a close loop which occurs between different located common spaces that are specialized for different people capacity.While people experience the land with my approach, my path creates a transition between different characteristic open spaces and close spaces. The reason of the relation that ı designed in my path, ı decided my concept and element as transition and corridor.

The corridor as definitions; 1.A passage covered walk, or avenue between two places(obsolete),2. The main passage in a large building, upon which in its course many apartments open.The reason that ı used corridor for creating a passage between two spaces in my project, first definitions more accommodate to my design, so that my approach to this element will be in that term.

Corridor etymology based in the latin “ Androné which means signified a passage or long gallery between the walls of two houses for a rain to pass. In the 14th century, there were an old Italian term Corridore derived from the Latin current referred to way on, top of fortified city walls with the similar meanings in English, French and German “Curridore”, an English world dating from 17th century, means a covered passage or walk between two places. When we examine the word of the corridor it etymology is not based on very ancient time but related to my approach to a corridor,ı trace the function of the corridor before the that the called as “corridor”.

According to examples from “History of Architecture Settings and Rituals” by Spiro Kostof, the architectural element of the corridor has been developing the preliminary settlements. Of course, it was not the same with today but it was built around the same basic manners. Indeed, related with some recent research, corridor lost its meaning in architecture and increasing as metaphorical in these days.

In the ancient times, preliminary architectural proposes were being alive and building a shelter. After people were settled, their life condition had changed. After the first city settlement started to rise, by the time the outdoor and the indoor organization started to occur. Related with my examination, the elements of corridor shows itself very different time and cultures. For example; in neolithic age -Lion gate in the citadel of Hattusas (1650-1200 B.C), ancient courtyards, halls and et-Cetera. The reason that corridor has a rich history, ı am going to examine the architectural element of corridor starting from the neolithic age to today showing its example in the timeline in terms of structurally and conceptually.

By, S. (2014). Corridor. Venezia: Marsilio.


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