ARCH 221 Assignmet 3: The Architecture Of Ancient Egypts

Also for this week we assigned to read  fourth chapter from  the book which is called “History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals”, by Spiro Kostof. This chapter’s title is  The Architecture Of Ancient Egypt.

map-natural-resources-2  In the begining of chapter, writer explains the  geometrical specialities of egypt culture. This culture’s existence date back to 3000 BC. Egypt culture was settled in dessert but around the along of Nile river. Neolithic village life along the Nile developed instead two broad polities: Lower egypt which included all Delta area untill the neighborhood of Memphis and Upper Egypt, south as  Aswan.rd from this point as far This culture  shows lots of differences from Mesopotamian culture. This two culture had to struggle various situation when were developing by the time. With related to that, their architecture ,believes and life style also shows diversity. Unlike to thought , they were not isolated from the rest of mediterranean world ,they were just unite people.

Architecture of egyptian culture has lots of amazing monuments which also exist today.  Their architecture aspect mostly inspire from their believes. They adopted their buildings with their believes for example; with sun and sun god Re.

In their structure, of physical settings, in the building materials they used, in political organization  and attitudes toward life and death. They were belive in life after death. So, they create their buildings for processing this belive’s need .

As also article pointed out lot , no matter how Mesopotamia and egypt geographically close and they are around the existing same time, they had different architectural approaches. In Mesopotamian temple precincts is instructive. For illustrate, at the Ziggurat compound of Ur, a number a number of independent buildings, each with its own boundary wall, is grouped tidily, but with no unifying axes. The ziggurat itself has three approach stairs that meet at single gateway some way up the northeast slope.

On the other hand, at Karnak, The temple of Amon marshals all its component units a straight path, and a cross-axis that takes off halfway down the middle of the south flank leaves the precinct of this central group to line up with th Mut complex to the south. As it is understands, At Luxor, we are pulled deeper and deeper toward the core of divinity in the light of indoor and outdoor organization of structure. The idea of creating, the courts, heightening and the level rises while approaching the core, is also creating wonder and privilege of heading toward the holy of holies.

Egypt culture was obssed with the preservation and provisioning of the death body related with they were believed in afterlife. So ,in their structure also influence this idea and built around it as well. As it seems, The burial of kings  they were set up outside to mark place for offerings, and beyond a low precinct wall the King’s family and members of dmall tumulus graves with a casement of brick. In addition, this complex also includes owner’s (royals -king) valuable possessions. But indeed, the design process would appear to have combined a simple overall geometric system and the use of set module to derive the dimensions of the building.

One of the interesting thing information about the ancient buildings of Egypt is related with Saqqara. At Saqqara there were no manageable stairs  for human ascent, and nothing at the top-no shrine or architectural climax of any sort to be reached. It is actually structured to sublimation holly person of the king and lifted him heavenward to the realm of the sun-god Re.

Another thing that got my attention while writer mention about The Giza Complex is compose of three separate pyramid complex, and all three pyramids have own interior  and exterior specialities. For example; T-shaped entrance or  twenty-three  statues of Chefren, representing the deification of individual organs of his body.

Also, Karnak and Luxor is one of the magnificent structure of ancient Egypt. These buildings have own their special character and their connection is occurs with avenue of ram-headed sphinxes. These temple complex are differ from each other in the fact that they invariably housed the statue of deity, a small wooden figure often sheltered in gold. to sum up,  in deed their organization and the idea behind to construction make these buildings impossible to reconstruct today as well.

Actually, there are no egyptian record that can give us information about pyramids or the other structure. But no matter that we do not know exact details about these historical  structures. Their feat-size and the labor force while they are build is desire to be appreciated.


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