What is The Human Scale ?

This semester we are introduced with the human scale and we are expected to remodeling our instance(that comes from previous semester /ARCH 102) according to human scale and human experiences to space. so before remodelling lets try to understanding what is human scale ? :S 🙂

There are lots of articles, books, researches about human scale in architecture. I have been looking the modular by Le corbusier about understanding to applying human scale into architecture. but ı have still some question so ı guess ı will overcome this problems by exercising this semester my first try to understanding with my mum. ı used her as a human model so ı measured her. her step her height her foot and etc. so that ı can use her scale to remodeling my instance according to human experiences respecting to human scale.

So these are my nonprofessional- trying-cute human model for understanding human scale in my old instance model 🙂


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