The Museum Of Anatolian Civilizations

Anatolian Civilizations museum is located on the south side of Ankara castle . First museum, in Ankara was established in 1921. Because of Atatürk’s desire to establish a hittite museum the building of museum found not enough so that  Kurşunlu Han and Ottoman Mahmut Paşa bazaar storage building  were started to remodelling and repairing. The remodelling and repairing was completed 1938-1968, the building is still used as a Anatolian Civilization museum.

The Anatolian civilization exhibits lots of Anatol,an archeology from Paleolithic age trough the Neolithic to Bronze. This art collection consist lots of historical monument from Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian, Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuq and Ottoman periods.In 1997 it is selected as th first ” European Museum of the Year”  and it one and only museum which has this title in Turkey.


When ı was visiting the exhibiton one of the most interesting thing in museum is waxing sculptures depicted from early bronze age. It was so real that ı have to look two time to understand that they are sculpture. Also seeing lots of important archeological artificants was so amazing like bronze figure of naked woman breast a baby from Horoztepe. Last semester ı took Art110 course in my school this course basicly investageta the archeological development form Paleolithic to Bronze age also it was giving information cultures; specificly abaout anotolian, roman, egyptian.So that this exhibiton was a chance for seeing the things that ı learned before.

If you consider to visit this museum my advise you to not leaving before seeing these archelogical works;

  • from Çatalhöyük; a model of living area the mother god figures, primative city drawing and bull heads,
  • from Hittite  stag statue and bronze scluptures
  • greek stone sculptures,
  • jewelery, coins etc. that found in Ankara,
  • roman marbel scluptures,
  • 3D system that gives information about anatolian civilizations,
  • reconstruction of king midas tomb
  • also lots of important artifacts from Horoztepe, Kültepe, Karain, Hacılar, Beyce sultan Alcahöyük, Boğazköy and etc.

I strongly recommend to visit this museum. You can visit this museum every day from 08:30 to 17:30. Have nice visiting 🙂


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