This text mentions the way of examine architecture. For understanding a building ,

the architectural drawings, sketches and models should be examine.  For architect , it is the best way of explain  their creations.

Also while we try to understand a building we should investigate its architectural history.

As it text said while we are investigating, we should understand four basic things. First, the material aspect of every building should be looked at in its entirety. Second, the building should be thought of in a broader physical framework and not just in terms of itself. Third, all buildings of the past, regardless of size or status or consequence, should ideally be deemed worthy of study. And finally, the extra metariel elements should be considered indispensable to their appreciation.

Also we should consider the building in their own time, light of their own environment and its financial opportunities.

This text express how architectural drawings, sketches and modeling is important to show structural, aesthetic specialities  and etc. of building. Actually everyone has their own view, so that we should explain ourselves clearly. Because, no matter the examined thing is same, everyone can express it different way.

To illustrate all this, writer mentions same presentation way of architecture such as plans, sections and elevations. Autor explains this technic as saying; Plans show in two-dimensional pattern the horizontal disposition of solid parts, Sections slice trough the building vertically at some imagined plane to indicate the sequence of rooms in length and the super imposition of floors and roofs in height, Elevations, using a vertical plane flatten out one face of the building to indicate schematically the order.


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