ARCH 121 Assignment 06

In this post i am going to share some of my thoughts about  “Experiencing Architecture” of Teen Eiler Rasmussen.


Architecture is not produced simply by adding plans and sections to elevation. It is something else and something more. It is not just for the eye or being well defined. Architecture includes art on it. And art should not be explained, it must be experienced. From this idea the writer tries to help them to experience it by using his word in this article.

Architecture is different then the other arts, because in architecture the most important thing is functionalism. Like he says, we consider architects as hosts who try to create every circumstances to provide comfort for his guest so that, living with him is a happy experience.

Although the producer job’s can be difficult for several reason. The actors are quite ordinary people. So that, While architects are trying to best experience to his guest they must be carefull .


He claims no matter how the structure well-build or purely beautiful if it is fit or proper in one generation, it will be ridiculous for next generations. For this reason, people can no longer live up to it. So as an architect we must be aware of our performing will stand for a long time due to that we should perform one of our best performance for each time we step into stage.

He also says architecture is not individual as the other arts(painting). It must be exist with its environment and it must be fit it’s time and future. It must be functional. Architects are anonymous artist who use these background and create good art from it.

In this text he exemplifies architects as an artist and he says architects are performing for ordinary people with ordinary tools, but architects organize that tolls in a very good way. In this way they totally become unordinary.

He tries to explain “the experience” with giving example from children’s life or animals’ life. In this way he wants to achieve his aim and tell us to how we experience thing and understand the thing we experienced, what really is.

He also says the things we saw it can not be thing we saw or think. We should experience, sense, understand it. The thing we say it is soft might not be soft as we consider as a shape it can be hard or something else. We could not find it what it really si if we judge the book by looking. As writer summarizes; some things could not easily express, it must be experienced.

The task of architecture is achieving harmony , making things in an order and relationship. And all these things come from in human nature and human behaviour. Then it is renamed in architects hands.



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