ARCH 121 Assignment 05

This text i write about my comments is “Three Reminders To Architects”  the  mass and surface part by Le Corbusier.

The concept of construction is usually based on calculation of geometric forms. Todays world architects should use simple forms of geometry for creating good art and at the same time useful buildings.

According to text the aim of real construction is not about style.It is about the value its function. By applying basic principles of construction which are abstraction and brutal facilities, we can achieve pure and modern structure. For making a functioning constitution of course there a  few thing that we have to obey its rule like gravity in contrary, there are lots of thing that we can avoid which are ornamental addings.

There are tree major things, in these days it has lost their value little bit, which are mass, surface and plan. Basicly plan is the generator. Mass and surface are the things determined by the plan.

As an architects we can achieve magnificent by playing masses brought together in light. We can open in a new world for our eyes in this way. It is like a theater ,but this time stage changes with the movement of sun light.

Using cones, cylinder, spheres etc. helps us to express what we want to emphasise very easily. Of course there are lots of different subjective perspectives about art. The writer claims it is no longer maintain, valid and useful. The architects should be focused on today’s world and its need , not history or primary times’ need.

The writer suggests  that we should not forget the things we thought at school, we should obey the basic rules which are based on calculation and plan.

In this text we can clearly understand mass and surface has directly connection. According to Le Corbusier opinion all buildings based on same things which are based of course if we think basicly. These lines are shaping according to need and it become a structure. In deed, they are just combination of lines, surface and mass. With different surfaces we can dived things in this way we can have different composition within all.

To deal with the today architectural problem first, we should focus on efficiency problem. after we understand the need we can process of our work, because in modern architecture according to Le Corbusier most efficient thing is making buildings useful to fit in our life and its need.

Finally, we should first understand everything does not have to be aesthetic. We should be aware of necessity. And we should have tendency to engineering world as well.

To sum up, while we are producing we should be aware of what we need, then we should consider what we are going to leave for our future  after that we should build.


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