ARCH 121 Assignment 04

This article is that i share about  my opinion  “Regulating Lines”, by Le Corbusier.

This article explains how measured units is important for getting advantage in terms of well construction. Also using linear and planer elements like lines, square, hexagon, octagon let us to utilise while making an order in construction and helps to enclosure in a strict form.

Although regulating lines meant to be show end and start,it creates a base of our design and our choices. We can have advantage by using liner elements to mathematical calculation and measurement. The most essential thing for our work is that should be based on adopt a unit of measurement to obtain solidity and utility. Also these elements are already proportioned and scaled therefore it is more easy to work with them while we try to create a new things.

The important specialities of geometrical form is that can easily recognize and measured by the eyes. The reason of their forms it is not necessary to try enclosure the elements that we compose.

Using variation of geometric elements also let us to create a regularity in chance and order. By obtaining our chance between the our geometrical  elements, we can easily creates rhythms, rhyme , sequences and harmony.

However in these days people think architect leave the basic orders of construction which is obtaining regulating line in their design,of course it is not true. no matter how the constructions are changed from past to now. Their bases are still same. All great construct born from regulated lines then their architects develop them into something more by adding more.From first man to now, all creations of structure bases on the same thing no matter how technology is improved.technologic change only the time and the effort we spent than the old times.

The choice of our regulating lines gives us to chance of getting inspiration for our creation. And actually this choice is the vital operation of architecture.Additionaly, another important thing of construction is compose thing in a manner which let the things unit and stable. In this way by using a geometric elements harmoniously we  can achieve a beautiful creation with good quality in a simple manner.


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