ARCH 101 Assignment 05: Structural Frame (Stage 2 / Part 1)

In this assignment  we have two stages. If you want to look i posted  my first stage in my previous post as well.

For this stage we were expected to produce a structural frame of our document process by utilise changes, rhythm, variations, repetitions and ruptures within the continuity of the system, trough using linear elements which are wooden sticks. We should set of predefined operations which are addition, rotation and branching while producing our frame.

While we were operating this sets we have a few more rules which are ;

  • our  single wood stick’s length has to be 42mm,
  • their rotation angle has to be 90 degrees,
  • we have to use only one branching in each step (either from 2 to 1 or 1 to 2)
  •  it must to be closed loop in itself.

Before the final submission we had a discussion of our pre-models. And  i took some photos of my and my friends models and our discussion table 🙂


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