ARCH 121 Assignment 03


This article is that i share about  my thoughts  “Pure Creation Of Mind”, by Le Corbusier , Towards a New Architecture, Dover Publication,1986 (originally 1927), pp. 199-224.

This article appears me by giving some information about old greek temples.However he use lots of implicit expressions that makes harder to understand the writer aims, he also managed to giving information which creates an examples for his aim at the same time.

He shapes his thought around the examples that are taking by different area of life. In this way he wants to make us  understand the basic idea behind the all this words.

The basic idea that LE Corbusier tries to tell no matter what we think about structure specialities or aim , it is built to be just being. Of course architect could be influenced something or someone while making a structure but it doesn’t mean they are same or they have similarity. All structure has their own specialities they are unique in its creators mind.The basic structural elements can be limited but it doesn’t mean, we couldn’t have a variety between limited elements , we do. We could have freedom between the edges only if we use creation of our mind and challenges ourselves for composing and creating new things.


The video that we watched ” What Does Music Mean?”, Young People Concerts, by Bernstein, 1958.

In this video he tries to explain his ideas by talking , exemplifying, playing etc. ,The basic idea that he wants to teach is music is not about story or it doesn’t have to be connected with something. It can influenced by something but it  also doesn’t mean it has to be related with it. Music is born just to be. It is  the composition of elements which are notes. They have a connection, harmony, sequences  between all the notes; with all this components in the composer’s mind it become a unity then music is happened.

If we consider this text and video together we can clearly understand that no matter what the topic is, the elements we have can be limited ,but it can also possible to make a variation between the limitation by making  harmony ,  creating sequences, compositing, pushing our creativity , making connection , applying hierarchy etc. In this way we can make things just to be by making composition between the edges  by using our freedom of creation.


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