This assignment has a connection of ARCH 121 class. For this assignment, first we study text and video which are assigned in ARCH 121. Then we make a digital poster which cover all assigned needs for both courses.

The text we studied  is, “Pure Creation Of Mind,Towards aNew Architecture, Dover Publication, 1989(originally 1927), pp 199-224 by LE CORBUISER.

The video we studied is “What Does Music Mean?”, Young People’s Concerts, 1958 by BERNSTEIN.

In the assignment  we are expected to create 2D composition in a digital poster  which has all keywords that covers to common idea of both text and video. Also we were allowed to use ready image (not present in the given text and video) as a background in terms of abstraction manner. In the assignment last and the most important expectation was the composition of the materials (visual and text material) should be considered in terms of abstraction not figurative references. Then i made this poster i hope i can cover all these assigned items. Don’t forget to make a comment.

photoshop assignment 03- ceren özsu


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