Architectural Tour Of Ankara

For our fourth assignment of ARCH 111 we took an architectural tour of Ankara starting from Kızlay and ending at Ulus. In this way we learned some information about historical buildings and  also we got prepared four new assignment.


List of some historical building in Ankara;

  • Anıtkabir- The Mausoleum of Atatürk
  • Railway Station and Railway restaurant
  • Hotel Ankara Palas
  • ıı. National Assembly
  • Accounting Council
  • ı. Nationla Assembly
  • Business Bank
  • Sumer Bank
  • Ulus Office Building
  • Central Bank
  • Agriculture Bank
  • Property and Credit Bank
  • State Monopolies
  • Eti Bank
  • Ottoman Bank
  • The Youth Park
  • Municipalities Bank
  • Exhibition Hall (Opera House)
  • Ministry of FOReign Affairs
  • Turkish Aviation Institute
  • The Radio Hall
  • İsmet Paşa Institute for Girls
  • Faculty of Letters
  • Turkish History Society

Of course we couldn’t visit  all buildings in the list but we managed to visit some of them as well. As you can see i took  some photos of this buildings ,but i  extremely recommend to visit them for who has interested in architecture and history. I hope you can find a chance to visit this historical buildings like i am going to visit all of them.


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