ARCH 101 Assignment 03: Spatial Realationship (part 2)

In second part of the third assignment of Arch 101 we were expected to apply the abstract spatial relations discovered in our analysis to the model we are going to produce. The model will be a prism(30x30x10 cm dimensions) consisting 5 sides( the missing 6th  side will be one of 30x30cm surfaces). Construct the single surface of the model perpendicular to our viewpoint by using min.3& max.7 rectilinear planes and optionally a single circular or triangular plane.

For the end we will have 2 model one initial model and one final model (more improved one after the given critics).

For the initial model we only assigned to produce biggest surface (30×30).

For the final model we also expected to abstract the other 4 surfaces  with a similar strategy as we used for biggest surface.



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