ARCH 121 Assignment 02


In this post i write my opinion about “The Design Studio” written by J ANDERSON, Architectural Design, AVA Publishing, 2011, pp 8-31.

This is very objective text. In the text you can easily find lots of description of architectural terms. In terms of that, the text does not contain any arguable part as well.

The first part of the text writer explains what studio is and how things work there. Actually, while i was reading the text , i clearly saw that every studio has some similar points in some way.

Also, writer shows the similarities and differences between real life and studio life. In this way, he also emphasis how studio practice is important and how real life practice and studio life practice have a connection.

In the text, i clearly understand that, in due course, approaching the education of architecture has changed, but the basic ideas of architecture has not changed.

In additionally, i relief after i wrote the text. Because the text shows me how architectural education is not only difficult for me or my friend but also difficult for everyone who has just started.. I think it is difficult and challenging process. On the other hand, i think this is only little prices that we have to pay while we compare to what might we would do and have.

In last few pages, the writer saves us from being pessimistic and gives us some clues for having progress in our educational life. The clues about which things can improve us, what might help us.

This important points that he emphasis shows me twice how sketching,group working, tutoring, workshops and communication is important for an architect life.

Also, at the end he gives some useful hints for our future. The hints are about projects, professional life process and etc.

While he is ending his article he again and again tries to prepare us against the things that we are going to face in our education and future daily life which are criticism, challenging and etc. To deal with these things also he gives his last suggestion and he says we should get feedback, work with our colleague and friend, share our work in public for improve our work by getting some critic and being in dialog

After i wrote the text i learn some useful things, because of that i suggest to read this text to everyone who wants getting some useful hints and ideas about architectural education and architectural professional life.


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