ARCH 121 Assigment 01


 This comments that i write about  belongs to BRAWNE, M. (“Architecture & Language”, Architectural Thought: The Design Process and the Expectant Eye”, Architectural Press, 2003, pp. 151-153). In this assignment, which given us in our arch 121 class, we are expected to share our thoughts about the article which called architectural and language.

 In this text, the writer explains some word both daily and architectural usage by showing connection between them in terms of similarity. I like the similarity he showed  because i have never recognized these simple connection between life and basic architectural word before. Actually i most like the second paragraph  because the second paragraph he explains some situations by using architectural words with different meaning  in phrases, also the phrases he chose make me smile due to the connection of being a newly architecture student. The reason of we are in the begging of our education  we often  make mistakes and while we are thinking we are going well, mostly we are falling through the floor like he says.

Also i have never thought the language of architecture as wide as that. This text shows me while some words borne from old words by gaining new meanings on the other hand, some words born by getting affect the different areas of life for example; human nature, art etc.

The only thing that does not make me satisfied  is last paragraph. Because it is not explained very clearly. The writer says some architectural words can based on early man age, but also after that he says  it might not certain as well. So i think this is  the part  which has contains lots of unknown inside it .


This text that i write my opinions about called introduction written by FORTY, A.( “Introduction”, Words and Buildings, Thames & Hudson, 2000, pp. 10-17).

 Although i agree the basic idea of Evelyn wants to give in the first paragraph, I think it is not possible to describe all architect and their specialties by dividing four part. Because i think every person has their own specialties, interest and creativity differ from the other. That makes us who we are  and makes us unique.

Indeed most architect have great power to use language, the real interesting part of being an architect is having  a new language to explain yourself and also this language only getting by someone who really tries to understand you and use their brain for it.

I like while the writer mention similarity between fashion and architecture, he  is also not passing through without saying differences in terms of what their word based on.

 I think it is true that no matter how we use language efficiently, sometimes the word especially translated word or even our own language is not cover enough to explain what we try to explain. The reason of that sometimes we find our own solution like the way  we used to it; by creating new things in this situation; new words. Like he mentions there is a similarity between an architect and stylist we both like creating new things, so that to explain ourselves we create new words or try to reborn  the words or getting words from the other language.

 The writer take very widely of topic language and even he is not forget to say no matter the some word of architecture is  based on very old-time some of them have gained new meaning with daily life. Also he says architectural word choosing is not easy while you are trying to explain something, it can be more subjective than being objective and we have to careful about that.

At the end, he says we should mostly choose wider and spread language to more clear understanding level while we explain ourselves,but i don’t agree with some part of this idea. Because sometimes while we translate the words loses their values on the other hand, sometimes the words are getting better and gained more value. The reason of that we should find the best word to cover what we want to say no matter which language it comes.


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